Milan Confirm Nicola Legrottaglie Released From Hospital

Posted by admin on Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Legrottaglie faces a week out, Bonera can resume action for Milan's Genoa clash.
Nicola Legrottaglie and Daniele Bonera have been released from hospital, Milan have confirmed.

Both men suffered craniofacial injuries in the 0-0 draw which left them needing hospital treatment.

And a statement on the club's official website confirms the extent of the problems.

"The head of the AC Milan staff, Dr. Gianluca Melegati, has commented on the condition of the two injured players Nicola Legrottaglie and Daniele Bonera.

"Bonera suffered a trauma to his left cheek-bone and a trauma below his left eye but without suffering a fracture. The player will be available for the next game.

"Legrottaglie suffered a trauma to the front of his head, a cut that needed stitches and a discursive trauma of the cervical spine.

"The first tests on the brain and neck were negative. Tomorrow, the player will undergo a cervical MRI and the results, along with the player's general clinical situation, will determine the time of his recovery."