Levante Coach Luis Garcia Delighted With Team's Efforts In Villarreal Win

Posted by admin on Sunday, 6 February 2011

Levante coach Luis Garcia pleased with performance of team in victory over Villarreal.
Levante coach Luis Garcia has claimed that his team’s 1-0 victory over Villarreal proves that his players can retain their place in La Liga.

Valdo’s neat finish in the second half proved to be the difference between the teams, and despite the best efforts of the home team, they could not level the match.

Garcia told journalists afterwards that he was delighted with the efforts of his team, saying: “We have blocked all routes to goal for Villarreal and left them without chances.

“They have not known how to get ahead of us, and never really hurt us, and that is a success when playing at a stadium like this. I’m very happy, although I would like to make one more goal for the team.

“We must remember that we are still in the relegation zone, and today we saw everyone trying their best. The team are competing hard and they have shown their efforts at a ground where no one has won. With this attitude, we will win a lot more wars.”