Javier Pastore: I'm Not Worth €100 Million & I Want Palermo Stay

Posted by admin on Friday, 4 February 2011

Pastore insists he won't leave Palermo as he plays down €100m price tag.
Javier Pastore has rejected descriptions he's a walking gold statue bound for the mantle piece surroundings of Barcelona or Real Madrid as he pledges allegiance to Palermo.

The 21-year-old Argentinian playmaker has reacted to reports which claimed Palermo were ready to insert a €100 million buy-out clause in his contract in an attempt to scaremonger interest from Spain.

"A €100m clause? I think it was just a joke about my future. I just think about the present, to play and improve. I don't feel I like being Mr €100m. I don't look at money, I don't care about the figures," he told Il Corriere dello Sport.

"I would like to stay [at Palermo] because I am really happy here and it is not the moment to leave.

"It is a great experience and I find myself getting along with everyone. My will to remain will also grow if we get results."

Delio Rossi's battles with Maurizio Zamparini have led to speculation the coach could be ousted. Pastore feels relationships should be reconciled as he adopts a concialiatory tone.

"Rossi at risk? I would be tranquil if he stays. If there is a change it would not be good for Palermo as we have worked hard in these months. It's best if he stays," added Pastore.