Juventus Winger Milos Krasic Shocked By The State Of Pitches In Italy

Posted by admin on Thursday, 3 February 2011

Milos Krasic declared his shock at the condition of pitches in Italy and talks about the progression of the RPL.
Juventus winger Milos Krasic has commented on the poor condition of pitches on the peninsula since his move from CSKA Moscow to Turin, and also gave his opinion about the Russian Premier League.

"Over the past couple of years the Russian championship has become much stronger. I think in another two or three years it could be equal with the likes of England and Spain. The only thing I disliked in Russia was the beginning and end of each season, as it's hard to play in sub-zero temperatures," Krasic told Sovsport.ru.

The flyer went on to discuss the similarities between Russia and Italy in terms of the stadia but admitted just how surprised he was with the condition of playing fields in Serie A.

"In Russia there are a lot of old and uncomfortable stadiums you have to play in, although honestly in Italy the infrastructure is not ideal either. I was surprised the most by the state of pitches here, I really thought Italy would have no such problems. In Genoa the pitch is horrible! If you want to control the ball and it hits a bump it goes in the opposite direction.

"Here in Turin the pitch is not much better because every weekend, either we play or Torino do. To sum up, I have been here for six months and not seen an ideal pitch like an English one," the Serbian winger claimed.