Juventus Deny Felipe Melo Called Referee Emidio Morganti 'A Bandit'

Posted by admin on Thursday, 3 February 2011

Juventus blame hackers after message appeared on Melo's Facebook account criticising referee.
Juventus have denied reports Felipe Melo called referee Emidio Morganti "the bandit" after losing 2-1 against Palermo.

"Morganti the bandit" appeared on Melo's official Facebook page after the loss, during which Juve were denied a clear penalty after Cesare Bovo handled inside the box.

However, the Bianconeri have released a statement claiming Melo was unaware as to what happened after his account was hacked.

The note reads:

"Bianconeri on social networks, a precision by Juventus:

"In relation to the news appearing on certain sites in which Melo had reportedly offended the referee Morganti on his own Facebook page, Juventus Football Club makes it clear the player's profile was hacked. This has also been confirmed by the director of the Bianconeri's communication sector Claudio Albanese. Melo was unaware of the incident.

"Juventus also makes it clear over the last few days their player's personal pages have been subject to this type of manipulation."