Atletico Madrid vs Celtic Live Stream

Posted by admin on Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Free Online Atletico Madrid vs Celtic Live Stream.

Atletico Madrid vs Celtic
September 15, 2011
Vicente Calderon

Don't miss for watching UEFA Champions League between Atletico Madrid vs Celtic live stream on September 15, 2011. Paid a fortune by Manchester City for their Argentine scorer, the Madrid side barely blinked before recycling the cash, pinning this season's hopes on Falcao.

Atletico Madrid vs Celtic will become a great match. The amount of money isn't always what matters most; it's often how it's spent that counts. Since winning the Europa League in 2010, Atletico Madrid have seen star performers dazzled by the bright lights of bigger clubs, with their striker, Diego Forlan, first to go, opting for a life in Serie A, followed this summer by Sergio Aguero.

Admitting that this Thursday's opponents are barely shy of Champions League standard, Celtic manager Neil Lennon knows that the second chance afforded his men after the Sion debacle will be a tough one to capitalise on.

So who will win this match? Don't forget for watching Atletico Madrid vs Celtic live.