Thailand vs Singapore Live Stream

Posted by admin on Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Free Online Thailand vs Singapore Live Stream.

Thailand vs Singapore
August 24, 2011
Friendly Match

Don't miss for watching Friendly Match between Thailand vs Singapore live stream on August 24, 2011. Thailand will be a good test as they are a team that like to play possession football, and recently raddy is forming a more technical team that has more movement and play more short passes, so essentially its playing thailand at their own game.

Thailand vs Singapore will becoma a great match. The midfield, possibly shahdan and shi jiayi will be key to our team's attacking play. they showed plenty of good movement and creativity with the ball. both are excellent technically and keep the ball very well. it would be a more fluid and dynamic midfield which would be fun to watch.

Without Hariss, It's guessing raddy may try to work with 4-3-3 which worked so well in the game against maldives. isa wll be the defensive mid, with shahdan and shi jiayi the centre mid - same 3 that started against maldives. qiu li, duric and shahril in attack - fazrul started against maldives instead of shahril.

So who will win this match? Don't miss for watching Thailand vs Singapore live.