Mario Balotelli Backheel Video

Posted by admin on Monday, 25 July 2011

Video of Mario Balotteli Failed Backheel Trick Shot against LA Galaxy.

When Man City against LA Galaxy in World Football Challenge there is a funny thing that Mario Balotelli video failed to do a trick shot. Balotelli had a clean break on the goal and could have easily finished with any strike that he pleased. Instead, he decided to try some sort of 180, ball behind the legs shot off his back heel.

LA Galaxy vs Man City ended with draw 1-1 and Galaxy win 7-6 by Penalty. Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini almost instantly motioned for Balotelli to be taken out of the game. Balotelli didn’t appear to be too happy with the decision and decided throwing a fit, water bottle toss included, was in order before sitting down on the bench.

So this is Mario Balotelli backheel video against LA Galaxy.